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3 Low Cost Plans Near La Pineda

Pineda Park 7/09/2020
Enjoy culture and nature at an economical price as are the low cost plans.

If you have thought about spending your holidays in La Pineda and you like to enjoy the good weather, we have compiled 3 incredible low cost plans to enjoy the outdoors, culture and nature and giving a different touch to your days off. You can enjoy these options alone, with your family or with your best friends, as you prefer, our only recommendation is that you disconnect and make the most of it.

Ronda path in Salou

Imagine strolling with incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea and the refreshing sea breeze.

In Salou, just 10 minutes by car from Apartamentos Pineda Park, you will find this idyllic 6.5 km path, which runs along the coastline from Pilons beach to the lighthouse at Cap Salou.

Camino de Ronda and beach in Salou

With this route you will discover the great natural and scenic wealth of the area, and along this route you will have at your disposal several panoramic views of the beaches and coves. So don't forget your camera and swimming costume because you'll want to remember this incredible landscape over and over again. But don't worry because you can always come back, the Pineda Park flats will make you feel at home and every morning from the balcony of your flat, you will also be able to observe the Mediterranean Sea with spectacular views.

But the good things about this itinerary are not only the landscapes, and once you arrive at Cap Salou you will have the privilege of being able to observe the peculiar seabirds, which are very difficult to see from the beach, so if you are a fan of bird photography don't miss this opportunity, take your optical instruments with you and enjoy their magnificent flight.

This trail, although a little difficult, is suitable for everyone, so pack comfortable shoes, get a couple of friends or family members together and enjoy an unforgettable day.Location .

La Pineda Walk

If you are a person who likes simple plans and enjoys a good sunset by the sea, this route is perfect for you. As you leave the Pineda Park Apartments, you can appreciate the beauty of the extensive beach of La Pineda.

We recommend you to do this walk from seven or eight in the evening, as the beach will be emptier, the temperatures will not be as high and the sunset is dreamy. You will be able to enjoy this moment with more tranquillity and a sky in different shades of colour, which can go from red to pink in just a few minutes, an incredible way to end a day in La Pineda.

Sculptures and promenade in La Pineda

It is a very simple route, made for the whole family, which consists of walking along the coast of the beach until you reach the breakwater, from where you will have beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Tarragona: World Heritage

As you know, Tarragona in Roman times was known as Tarraco, the capital of the Roman Empire in the Iberian Peninsula. Today the city preserves many ancient ruins of what the city was like back then, and you can even visit the amphitheatre and the Roman museum at a low cost price.

Roman Theatre in La Pineda

Besides, in Tarragona you will have the privilege of seeing one of the best beach landscapes and strolling through the magnificent medieval quarter, it is really worth enjoying a day in this incredible city.

In the port area, better known as the Moll del Pescador, we guarantee an excellent variety of Mediterranean cuisine.

Tarragona is only 12 minutes by car from Apartamentos Pineda Park, but if you don't have private transport, from La Pineda you will have daily public transport with good connections to the city.

Telling all the stories that you can do around La Pineda is not the same as living them in first person, so we encourage you to go into this coastal area with magnificent landscapes. Are you up for it? We are waiting for you at Apartamentos Pineda Park with these great low cost plans!


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