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La Pineda
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3 places to visit near La Pineda

Pineda Park 25/04/2022
You woke up one morning and said, ´hey! I feel like driving today?’ Well, this is your day. Here are 3 places to visit near La Pineda and that you'll love to spend the day with your family.  

Tarragona, the nearest town to La Pineda

A city to visit very close to La Pineda is Tarragona. This city is known as an open-air museum, with an archaeological collection classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. You can find the amphitheatre of Tarragona which is almost 2000 years old, and the Roman Circus, another monument not to be missed. Finally, the aqueduct of Pont del Diable is another unmissable marvel over the Francolí river, which is another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Other historical monuments very close to La Pineda include the Tower of Scipio and the Arc de Barà, a little further northeast of Tarragona. With a lot of history and relatively close by!

View from the Balcony of the Mediterranean over the beach in Tarragona

Reus, just 20 minutes from La Pineda 

Just a 20-minute drive from the Pineda Park tourist apartment complex, Reus is one of those cities near La Pineda that you can't miss.  

Reus has many buildings by the famous architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, which colours the city with its modernist buildings and which has a specific route.

You can visit the Casa Navás and the museum of Art and History of Reus Espacio Libertad, and don't forget to visit the Museum of Reus, which exhibits the paleontological legacy of the region.

Mercadal square in Reus

El Delta del Ebro, a natural paradise one hour from La Pineda

The Ebro delta is definitely one of the places you should come and visit when you come to the Pineda Park holiday apartment complex.
It is further away than the rest of the towns near La Pineda, 50 minutes by car, but this place is worth a visit.
The nature reserve of the Ebro delta e is one of the most important aquatic habitats in the western Mediterranean. Its endless rice paddies create a truly wonderful landscape. In addition to miles of beaches, several rivers and lagoons, the Ebro delta is an unmissable and varied place for family activities.
Now that you know all the places to visit near La Pineda, are you going to miss them?

Landscape of River Ebro


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