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4 essentials that you must visit near La Pineda

Pineda Park 20/10/2022
Are you one of those who thinks that when autumn arrives, there are no plans to make? You're wrong!

Autumn is one of the best times of the year to enjoy plans with family and friends that you have not been able to do this summer.

That's why, from Pineda Park, we want to show you 4 essential places that you can't miss before the end of the year...

Let's go there!

Why La Pineda is an ideal place

Well, first, we want to tell you why La Pineda is the right place and no other.

Here, we have some unique apartments with with Pineda Park offers that adapt to each family or each group of friends. There are rooms of all kinds and the location is ideal.

Why do we say that localization is the best? Well, because it is located in the heart of the Costa Dorada and in 10 minutes you are everywhere.

Oh, and the beach is very close to our Apartamentos Pineda Park and you can go whenever you want!

What you can do near La Pineda

Firstly, you can make thousands of plans. And most importantly... You can visit super cool cities like Tarragona, Cambrils, Salou...

Visit the Tarragona amphitheater

Haven't you been to the most famous amphitheater on the Costa Dorada? If you stay with us, you can visit it whenever you want and enjoy a day of sightseeing. Is beautiful!

Haven't we convinced you? Well, don't worry, get to know 3 more places to visit near La Pineda..

Haven't you been to PortAventura yet?

Halloween is approaching and PortAventura is still open, so you can spend an incredible day and have a laugh with your loved ones.

In addition, now is a very good time, since without the summer heat, you can walk around the park as comfortable as ever.

Remember to stop by the wonderful beaches of Cambrils

Exactly, if you are one of those who like the beach in the middle of autumn, Cambrils is the right place. There, you can take long walks and enjoy unique sunsets.

Now yes, know the 4 sites that you cannot miss

We have already updated you on the sites that you have to visit. But now the time has come for you to meet 4 sites that you should go see yes or yes.

Go to the Parc dels Pescadors

If you love green areas, this place is made for you. This large park in Cambrils will leave you amazed.

There are a lot of super pretty plants in in very large gardens with many paths yand beautiful fountains.

It is ideal to walk this time of year there.

Visit the Roman Circus of Tarragona

Before we mentioned the amphitheater of Tarragona, but if you are one of those who love Roman ruins,

Tarragona is made for you. There you can visit countless places that will excite you, such as the Roman Circus of Tarragona.

In addition, it is in front of the sea. What more can you ask?

Get to know Salou's Camino de Ronda

Have you not yet been to Camino de Ronda 's most famous Salou? Ya tardas. It is a beautiful path where you will find everything.. Whether they are sculptures, paths with rocks, coves with crystal clear waters...

Also, if you go at sunset, you will be able to see the sun go down and it is one of the most magical moments in Salou.

Go to Torre Vella de Salou

If you love history and browsing about the past, but at the same time enjoy tourism, take the opportunity to go to Torre Vella de Salou.

It is a tower from 1530 that served to protect itself from the pirates of that time.

In addition, this tower has beautiful gardens where you can walk through them with total peace of mind.

Now you know the 4 essentials that you must visit

Now it's your turn to come and stay with us so you can enjoy all the proposed plans.

Remember that if you have any questions, you can Contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Visit the website of Pineda Park Apartaments and follow us on Instagram and on Facebook.

See you!


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