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La Pineda, your ideal getaway this spring

Pineda Park 05/02/2023

Spring is almost upon us, so we recommend that you make plans to come to La Pineda.

From Pineda Park Apartments We encourage you to choose one of our apartments to spend the best vacations or getaways.

Let's go there.

Why spring is the best season to come to La Pineda

You already know that in a few days, spring will arrive. That's why you should think where can you go to escape with your family or with your friends.

We recommend that you come to our apartments to be able to do all the activities that you like to do so much for the Gold Coast.

If you are a bit lost, we will show you 6 activities to do as a family on the Costa Dorada. Here are some of the best plans What can you do in the area?

But, let's get to the point, why La Pineda is the ideal place for this spring 2023. Well, now you know that in winter and in summer you cannot make the same plans on the coast. But, there is a time of the year that allows you to do almost everything.

You fancy to go to excursion along the best coastal paths in the area? Well, you can, do you feel like taking a walk and going shopping? Well, what are you waiting for, you can. In addition, there are already many who dare to give themselves the first dips.

Or if you don't feel like it, a walk on the beach It is the best. Let your feet touch the seawater!

In addition, if what you most want is tourism, we will tell you 3 low cost places near La Pineda.

Where can you go this spring?

Well if you want to come to La Pineda, the first thing is the accommodation, and if you are one of those who like to feel at home, we recommend that you have the best apartments, ours.

Did you know that we are next to the beach? You can see the sea from our balcony.

In addition, we are close to all those cities full of activities for sightseeing. We are 5 minutes from Salou, Tarragona, Cambrils, Reus

What are you waiting for? They are all advantages.

Also, if you like theme parks, PortAventura It is also seen from our accommodations. We are waiting!

Remember that you cannot miss these 5 activities to do this 2023 in La Pineda.

But if you need more ideas, don't worry, we'll show you right away what places you should visit

Visit Tarragona

You have Tarragona next door, and also, you can see amazing tourist sites, like the Roman ruins or La Part Alta, one of its most beautiful neighborhoods.

In addition, it has different beaches, such as the Cala Romana. You will love this if you are one of those who likes to go to see sunsets.

Do not miss Salou

You know what La Pineda and Salou they are practically brothers. For this reason, we advise you to visit Salou and enjoy everything there is. You have shops, promenades, coastal paths, beaches, coves...

You have it all! Do not hesitate and take advantage!

Come by Cambrils

If you want to visit Cambrils, it is best to go through its parks. They are incredible. You will love spending the day with your family and visiting its beaches.

For example, a place where we recommend you go is El Parc Samà or Paseo Marítimo de Ponent.

Now you know where to go this spring

You have already seen that leaving home is much cheaper than you think, and the fact is that in Pineda Park Apartments we make it very easy for you.

Now it's your turn to come and stay with us, so you can enjoy and disconnect. You deserve it!

Don't forget that you can contact us, We will gladly help you in case of any doubt that may arise.

Well, visit the website of Pineda Park Apartments and follow us on Instagram and on Facebook.

See you very soon!



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