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La Pineda
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La Pineda, the ideal place for your vacation

Are you thinking of going on holiday, but don't know where?

Or have you already chosen the dates, but you are considering different holiday destinations?

We have something to suggest.

Do you want peace and quiet, family and nightlife, beaches and a wide variety of places of interest?

Then La Pineda is the ideal place for your holidays.

You will fall in love with our town!

The tranquillity of La Pineda beach

The beach of La Pinedais an island paradise to be discovered. It is an area of more than two kilometres with flats on the beachfront, with an impressive tranquillity, great views and incredible surroundings.

In addition, in front of the beach of La Pineda, you will find the Pinar del Perruquet, an open space between the accommodation and the beach that allows you to be in contact with nature.

What are you waiting for?

The wide range of family and night-time leisure activities in La Pineda

One of the aspects that characterise La Pineda eis its wide range of family and night-time leisure activities, designed for both children and adults. .

But, really, is the range of leisure activities on offer really that wide?

Yes. Dozens of bars, restaurants, shops, discotheques, water parks, leisure parks, places of interest... and much more!

What if you stay at Pineda Park Apartaments to enjoy a fantastic holiday?

Alojamientos Pineda Park Apartaments.

The fun of Port Aventura Park

If you are looking for fun, excitement, adrenaline and plans with family or friends, PortAventura Park is the right destination. Six fascinating worlds await you, decorated down to the smallest detail. Come and enjoy this unique experience!

The amazing places of interest near La Pineda

La Pineda is just minutes away from some of the area's most impressive attractions. Here are our 3 recommendations:

Tarragona a World Heritage City

Tarragona is a city less than 20 minutes from La Pineda and with an archaeological collection classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. .  Discover the Roman Amphitheatre, the Roman Circus, the Pont del Diable Aqueduct and the Berà Arch, among others.

Paisaje del Delta del Ebro

Reus, a modernist municipality

Near the Pineda Park you will find Reus, a town with buildings by the famous architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, the Casa Navás, the museum of Art and History of Reus Espacio Libertad... and much more! Fall in love with this modernist city!

The Ebro Delta, the area's breathtaking natural setting 

A little less than an hour away, you will find the nature reserve of the Ebro Delta, one of the best aquatic habitats in the Mediterranean Sea.

Undoubtedly, an essential place to visit during your stay in our tourist apartamentos turísticos Pineda Park.  Discover all the details about these 3 places to visit near La Pineda.

 Pineda Park Apartments

The best way to enjoy our town is in Apartamentos Pineda Park: 62 tourist flats of various capacities and spread over 5 floors with all the amenities to make your stay unique.

  If you want to feel at home, this is your accommodation! If you have any questions or would like tocontact us, we are at your disposal.

Visit thePineda Park Apartaments website or follow us onour Instagramand Facebook profiles. The magic of La Pineda is waiting for you!
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3 places to visit near La Pineda

You woke up one morning and said, ´hey! I feel like driving today?’ Well, this is your day. Here are 3 places to visit near La Pineda and that you'll love to spend the day with your family.  

Tarragona, the nearest town to La Pineda

A city to visit very close to La Pineda is Tarragona. This city is known as an open-air museum, with an archaeological collection classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2000. You can find the amphitheatre of Tarragona which is almost 2000 years old, and the Roman Circus, another monument not to be missed. Finally, the aqueduct of Pont del Diable is another unmissable marvel over the Francolí river, which is another UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Other historical monuments very close to La Pineda include the Tower of Scipio and the Arc de Barà, a little further northeast of Tarragona. With a lot of history and relatively close by!

View from the Balcony of the Mediterranean over the beach in Tarragona

Reus, just 20 minutes from La Pineda 

Just a 20-minute drive from the Pineda Park tourist apartment complex, Reus is one of those cities near La Pineda that you can't miss.  

Reus has many buildings by the famous architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner, which colours the city with its modernist buildings and which has a specific route.

You can visit the Casa Navás and the museum of Art and History of Reus Espacio Libertad, and don't forget to visit the Museum of Reus, which exhibits the paleontological legacy of the region.

Mercadal square in Reus

El Delta del Ebro, a natural paradise one hour from La Pineda

The Ebro delta is definitely one of the places you should come and visit when you come to the Pineda Park holiday apartment complex.
It is further away than the rest of the towns near La Pineda, 50 minutes by car, but this place is worth a visit.
The nature reserve of the Ebro delta e is one of the most important aquatic habitats in the western Mediterranean. Its endless rice paddies create a truly wonderful landscape. In addition to miles of beaches, several rivers and lagoons, the Ebro delta is an unmissable and varied place for family activities.
Now that you know all the places to visit near La Pineda, are you going to miss them?

Landscape of River Ebro

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Sea and sports in the heart of the Costa Daurada

Stay during your holidays in the apartment complex of La Pineda es la mejor opción si eres un amante de los deportes de agua.

Ya nos sabemos todos el ritual de memoria cuando oímos las palabras ‘‘playa’’ o ‘‘mar’’: Toalla, tomar el sol y… Bueno, alguna actividad que se ofrezca: alquileres de embarcaciones y con un poco de suerte algo alternativo. ¿Pero y los amantes de los deportes acuáticos? ¿Para ellos/as no hay nada?
A continuación 3 actividades en el mar a considerar si para ti la costa significa más que tumbarse y relajarse:


Para aquellos que quieren tener la sensación de libertad que da volar en sus carnes… Y encima sobre el agua. ¿Qué es el parasailing? Es una modalidad de paracaidismo en la que, con un chaleco salvavidas y un arnés de seguridad, te amarras a un barco que navega a un gran velocidad. ¿Qué provoca esto? Elevación gradual por encima del mar hasta alcanzar los 50 metros de altura. No puedes decir que no suena emocionante… Ah, y es una actividad muy corriente en grupos. Y lo tenemos en Cambrils, a apenas 20 minutos de La Pineda.

Ah, y es una actividad muy corriente en grupos. Y lo tenemos en Cambrils, a apenas 20 minutos de La Pineda.

Parasailing in Cambrils


It turns out that the Costa Daurada is more than sun and beach. There are also ravines to explore and thus connect with the environment and release some adrenaline. It is an excursion that begins in Salou, from where it leaves in the direction of the canyon that is approximately an hour and a half away .

A mountain crossing in which you reach the beginning of the river and its respective pools. Going down the throat is not an easy thing, so the 6 hours that this experience lasts is supervised at all times by a monitor.

And do not panic: It is an activity designed for beginners. There is nothing to fear. Now, if you consider yourself more advanced or an expert on the subject, there is another cannon that you can try. This activity is organized for groups of up to 12 people .

Canyoning in Salou

Paddle surf / Kayak

A guided route through the Costa Daurada in Kayak or Paddle Surf first thing in the morning to observe the sunrise . The magic of this activity is to make contact with the empty sea of people, see the sunrise and above all, draw the coastline and explore its small caves.

We leave from Creixell, located about 30 minutes from the La Pineda apartment complex, and head towards Tarragona . The destination, after exploring the caves during the journey, are some coves near the city where you turn around and return to the starting point. An ideal plan to go as a couple or a small group of friends and enjoy sports like this .

Kayaking in Costa Dorada

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3 unmissable cultural festivities during your holidays in Salou and La Pineda

Salou and La Pineda have their own cultural festivities, and hey, who knows, you might even come across one while staying at the Pineda Park apartment complex.

Squid party

This festivity takes place on the coast of Salou, but it is not for this reason that it is not inaccessible from the Pineda Park apartment complex. Just 15 minutes by car. With 40 years old, it takes place in the last week of November, during that week, fishermen of all experience levels with a suitable boat, compete to know who has caught the most and the largest shrimp. At the end of the week there is an open dinner party, with a playful and festive character, which is very worthwhile!

International music festival Salou - costa dorada

It is a festival held every year between July, August and September on the Costa Dorada, they seek to spread classical music in a series of free open-air concerts for all audiences, with the best exponents of the area. Each year the venues where each concert takes place change, but so far it has never been more than 15 minutes from the Pineda Park apartment complex. For example, Torre Vella, located 13 minutes from the complex.

Main festival of October 30

It is an unmissable experience that will take you no more than 15 minutes by car from the Pineda Park apartment complex, and why not walking along the beach! Since it is a festival that commemorates the municipal autonomy of Salou, during the week of October 30, the streets are filled with gastronomic, recreational and festive activities, ideal for the whole family. Both day and night, the streets and coasts of Salou will offer all kinds of services for cultural festivities.
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3 places to visit during your visits to places

Yes, yes, we know the title is confusing, but there is an explanation. These are 3 places you could stop by during your stay in our tourist flats, like a bit of extra sauce to your favourite meal.

Port of Tarragona

The puerto de tarragona, a few kilometres from the tourist flats complex Pineda Park, is a good place to take a break from the beach, where you can watch the big boats with the children. Without a doubt the sunsets are something worth to be seen.

Views of the Port of Tarragona

Salou municipal park

This place is ideal to take a break from the beaches on the Costa Dorada. The municipal park offers a small nature trail with small lakes and animals. There is a playground for children and a bar for the older ones. An entertaining place to spend some time or an afternoon before going back to the coast or to Pineda Park.

Green space in the Park of Salou

Font Lluminosa

This fountain located in the centre of Salou, 4 km from Pineda Park, is a spectacular way to end a day at the seaside in Salou. After dinner, you can stop by and watch the incredible light and music show offered by this attraction. Created in 1973 by Carles Buigas, this fountain has 1000 jets and 210 different combinations. A funny little show for the whole family.

Font lluminosa (illuminated fountain) in Salou

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3 Low Cost Plans Near La Pineda

Enjoy culture and nature at an economical price as are the low cost plans.

If you have thought about spending your holidays in La Pineda and you like to enjoy the good weather, we have compiled 3 incredible low cost plans to enjoy the outdoors, culture and nature and giving a different touch to your days off. You can enjoy these options alone, with your family or with your best friends, as you prefer, our only recommendation is that you disconnect and make the most of it.

Ronda path in Salou

Imagine strolling with incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea and the refreshing sea breeze.

In Salou, just 10 minutes by car from Apartamentos Pineda Park, you will find this idyllic 6.5 km path, which runs along the coastline from Pilons beach to the lighthouse at Cap Salou.

Camino de Ronda and beach in Salou

With this route you will discover the great natural and scenic wealth of the area, and along this route you will have at your disposal several panoramic views of the beaches and coves. So don't forget your camera and swimming costume because you'll want to remember this incredible landscape over and over again. But don't worry because you can always come back, the Pineda Park flats will make you feel at home and every morning from the balcony of your flat, you will also be able to observe the Mediterranean Sea with spectacular views.

But the good things about this itinerary are not only the landscapes, and once you arrive at Cap Salou you will have the privilege of being able to observe the peculiar seabirds, which are very difficult to see from the beach, so if you are a fan of bird photography don't miss this opportunity, take your optical instruments with you and enjoy their magnificent flight.

This trail, although a little difficult, is suitable for everyone, so pack comfortable shoes, get a couple of friends or family members together and enjoy an unforgettable day.Location .

La Pineda Walk

If you are a person who likes simple plans and enjoys a good sunset by the sea, this route is perfect for you. As you leave the Pineda Park Apartments, you can appreciate the beauty of the extensive beach of La Pineda.

We recommend you to do this walk from seven or eight in the evening, as the beach will be emptier, the temperatures will not be as high and the sunset is dreamy. You will be able to enjoy this moment with more tranquillity and a sky in different shades of colour, which can go from red to pink in just a few minutes, an incredible way to end a day in La Pineda.

Sculptures and promenade in La Pineda

It is a very simple route, made for the whole family, which consists of walking along the coast of the beach until you reach the breakwater, from where you will have beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Tarragona: World Heritage

As you know, Tarragona in Roman times was known as Tarraco, the capital of the Roman Empire in the Iberian Peninsula. Today the city preserves many ancient ruins of what the city was like back then, and you can even visit the amphitheatre and the Roman museum at a low cost price.

Roman Theatre in La Pineda

Besides, in Tarragona you will have the privilege of seeing one of the best beach landscapes and strolling through the magnificent medieval quarter, it is really worth enjoying a day in this incredible city.

In the port area, better known as the Moll del Pescador, we guarantee an excellent variety of Mediterranean cuisine.

Tarragona is only 12 minutes by car from Apartamentos Pineda Park, but if you don't have private transport, from La Pineda you will have daily public transport with good connections to the city.

Telling all the stories that you can do around La Pineda is not the same as living them in first person, so we encourage you to go into this coastal area with magnificent landscapes. Are you up for it? We are waiting for you at Apartamentos Pineda Park with these great low cost plans!
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